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Read some testimonials from our valued students!

“I love this class. Was so much fun and energetic and everyone was all smiles before, during, and after. The best class I’ve ever been in.”

“Dance Within is a most direct and powerful movement class to not only exercise the body to increase strength, flexibility and energy, but also to find grounding and centering in oneself and a better awareness of the connection we have with ourselves and with others.”

“Now I feel confident on any dance floor.”

“Dance Within classes have provided me with not just a badass workout but also a physical, emotional and mental health treatment that removes tension and heaviness and replaces it with a sense of joy and laughter.”

“Every woman should take LaLanya Cameron’s class! LaLanya is a talented and engaging dance instructor who truly loves what she does…and it shows! For women especially, I would recommend the class to help get you in touch with a raw power absent in many forms of dance.”

“LaLanya creates community in her classes. I feel a deep sense of belonging and joy when I am able to get to her class.”

“If you’re not a dancer, you will soon become one.”

“To this day I love busting out a move I learned that is full body, it’s surprising and fun and my friends love it when I modestly show off a bit.”

“LaLanya has some of the most positive energy of anyone I have ever met, and her classes have become therapeutic to me. I always feel much better and far more alive after her classes than I did before I walked in.”

“She is a gift. Her class helps me escape the stress of work and life.”

“LaLanya changed the way I saw myself, and changed the way I interacted with the world. I am forever grateful to LaLanya – I am a happier, stronger person because of a weekly dance class!”

“Dancing with LaLanya completely changed my life. I had never seen myself as a dancer. I was embarrassed to be seen moving my body to music! At first, I couldn’t bear to watch myself in the mirror. But as I got stronger and my movements got more fluid, I would take little peeks- and I was so proud of what I saw! I was dancing! I looked and felt strong and graceful. All along, I was a dancer- it just took a great teacher to bring it out of me.”