Hi! My name is LaLanya, and I want to welcome you to Dance Within!


Dance Within is a Rhythmic dance class based on African and Modern dance for adults. And we’ve got LIVE DRUMMERS!


Dance Within is a class for everyone who wants to dance.


If you are afraid to dance or if you don’t have much experience, it is absolutely the class for you. And, if you are advanced, you will find the class challenging and exhilarating. You can dance as hard and intensely as you wish.


Beginners start with small movements. There is no choreography, nothing to think about. You just have to feel. That’s right. You will learn to isolate each part of your body. That’s a key to knowing the body and is the beginning of producing the movements. We'll dance in a range of intensities.


The goal is for the dancer to feel the movement while grounding themselves to the beat of the drums. You learn to INTERPRET the rhythm.


The goal here is different then in other forms of dance where the head dominates. As you dance, at a certain point, your movement will become hypnotic and involuntary. There is a definite shared experience in the room. You will get a natural high with the other dancers, an experience of movement and rhythm.


No matter what type or form you work with- ballet, jazz or modern- Dance Within will help you express better in those dance forms.


I am a classically trained dancer, and I find that my work in ballet is much freer from this type of dance.


For now the class IN HIATUS